Want the best sunshade to protect your baby from the sun? Need help encouraging naps on-the-go and need a sunshade or cover for your pram, pushchair or buggy? You’re in the right place.

Research shows that a baby who sleeps well during the day sleeps better at night. Daytime naps reduce cortisol levels in baby’s bloodstream so you don’t end up with a baby who is wired but too tired to nod off at bedtime.

SnoozeShade provide high level sun protection and, most importantly, help babies sleep when you need to be out. Designed to exceed normally required safety standards using only the strongest zips, there are no long straps (so no entrapment or strangulation hazards). No cute buttons or dinky hooks (choking hazards) that could be pulled off by determined little fingers.

Don’t forget, SnoozeShades aren’t just for summer! They can be used year-round to protect baby from insects, wind, chill and even light rain.