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Kai Carrier Reusable Food Pouches 300ml (3 Pack)

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Kai Carriers are food pouches that can be reused and filled with the healthy nutritious food of your choice. They are a convenient easy way of feeding your little ones snacks or meals, either on the go or at home. They have a sturdy zip-lock design and are made of durable BPA free plastic.

Kai Carriers are perfect for parents who want to know exactly what their children are eating and who care about preserving the environment for future generations.

Kai Carriers cut out the mess and the fuss – simply fill the Kai Carriers with delicious nutritious homemade food, place in the freezer or fridge, then straight to your bag or child’s lunchbox, then straight to their hands! No need for spoons, bowls, glass jars, containers or mess!!

The 300ml size is perfect for growing children, teens and us adults too! Also great for storing soup, sauces, pesto and hummus.


  • Kai Carrier food pouches are easy and convenient and can be used anywhere anytime including in the car, at the park, and at the supermarket
  • They are designed with a spout for children to suck or squeeze out the contents - no need for a bowl or a spoon
  • Kai Carrier food pouches allow you to feed your child with nutritious healthy homemade meals, yoghurts, fruit and/or vegetable purees, legumes, grains, oatmeal, custard, smoothies – the possibilities are endless
  • Kai Carrier food pouches are BPA free, Phthalate free and PVC free
  • Kai Carrier food pouches can be re-used and are recyclable
  • Kai Carrier food pouches are dishwasher safe (top rack), freezable & microwavable
  • Kai Carriers are easy to fill – simply open the zip lock, pull the bottom gusset open and spoon the food in.
  • The clear design ensures you are aware of how much your child has consumed.
  • Kai Carrier baby food pouches help preserve the environment for future generations as it means less store bought pouches going to landfill


Please wash Kai Carriers before use and ensure young children are supervised when using Kai Carriers as they contain small parts (cap)

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