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Ivory Baby Studio Swaddlewrap (Small)

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Swaddle your baby in one of the simplest, safest and easiest to use swaddles - the Swaddlewrap by Baby Studio.

Based on the popular Swaddling pouch design, the three step process for better sleep, ease of use and greater flexibility in sizing & firmness is one of the easiest swaddling systems to use for any parent.

Baby is wrapped securely with Velcro to minimise arm movements and to create a perfect fit even for wriggly babies.


Makes a great gift for baby showers or once baby has arrived.

Three simple steps to a better sleep ... Baby Studio Swaddlewrap 3 easy steps to a better nights sleep

Why it's a Cruisy Baby pick comfy, safe, and a very simple process to wrap baby. Extra soft, 100% light weight and breathable cotton is perfect for baby all year round.


  • 100% cotton, with velcro fasteners
  • Safe for healthy hip development
  • Extendable leg pouch allowing easy access to change baby’s nappy
  • Tailored incision allows use in stroller and most 5-pt harness designs
  • Flexible design allows for different size and growth rates of babies
  • Size: Small Newborn to 3 months (3 - 6.5kg)
  • Colour: Ivory