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The Podee Convert -A- Bottle Feeding Kit

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The Podee Convert-A-Bottle feeding kit allows you to convert any standard slim neck baby bottle into a Podee Hands-Free feeding system.

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This Feeding kit also comes in handy when you need a complete set of podee parts.

It ends dropped bottles and allows for upright feeding to help reduce ear infections and colic. Parents have found it to be very helpful in feeding multiple babies at the same time and infants with challenges as well.

Podee introduces a baby feeding system that allows to feed babies in an upright position instead of a horizontal position as recommended by pediatricians to help prevent colic, gas build up, ear infections and reflux.

  • Helps prevent colic and gas build up
  • Helps prevent ear infections
  • Helps prevent reflux
  • Great feeding system for traveling or feeding multiple babies
  • Meets safety standards.


The kit contains all the Podee parts except the bottle

1 x Teat

1 x Long Tube

1 x Short Tube

1 x Adapter

2 x cap rings

1 x Tube cleaning brush.


"LOVE THIS PRODUCT! My only regret is that I waited so long to get it, and only purchased one. This bottle is a life saver if you are in the car and on the go a lot. The baby loves having control of it too! She is able to hold the nipple herself and drink when she chooses to. My little one is 5 months old."

"I would just like to start out by saying how much I love your product. I am a new mother to 4-month-old twins. We have been using the podees [Podee Baby Bottles] pretty much since the beginning. At first feeding the twins was very stressful, but then we discovered the podee system and it has literally changed our lives! The Podee has given us that little bit of ease that seems to make all the difference! Every where we go we are stopped at least 5 times and everyone's question is, "What is that?" People are just amazed and confused by it at the same time. I have only met one person who knew what a Podee was. We always explain what the Podee is and how it works. We tell them how wonderful it is and recommend it to everyone. Sincerely, a Podee Fanatic."

"My baby LOVES these. Also, they have been a lifesaver for me! I was having trouble especially in the mornings getting everyone fed and dressed for school. These bottles free up my hands so that I can help the older children. He easily primes it himself with two or three sucks and has never had any problems getting the milk. Milk does leak from the nipple if it falls while there is milk in it, so having lids readily available is a must. But that is just a very small problem. It is also great for hungry babies in the car. He can easily feed himself or his brothers can assist him while sitting up in the car seat. People stop me on a daily basis to ask about these bottles. I recommend them to everyone who asks!!!"

"I just wanted to let you know what a great product you have. The hardest thing about twins is feeding them both at the same time. Now with the Podee bottle, it's so easy. Driving in the car, shopping at the mall or just sitting in their high chairs, we use them all the time. My babies won't take a bottle without the Podee, I guess he must get less air and I think this is one of the reasons why feeding time is so relaxing for both of them. I have turned everyone in my Twins Club onto them. Thanks again, you have made my life a lot easier. Mother of Twins"

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