PlanetBox FAQ

13th August 2017

Cleaning your PlanetBox Lunchbox and Bag

Be sure to remove the magnets before washing your PlanetBox. PlanetBox compartments wipe down easily with a sponge and mild soap and water, or, you can put your PlanetBox in the dishwasher. All Dippers are dishwasher safe.  Do not use bleach or cleaners containing chlorine to clean your PlanetBox. It is best to dry off your PlanetBox immediately after cleaning if you do not want water marks to appear (water marks are harmless, however).

You can fully submerge all of our bags in warm soapy water, but make sure to air dry thoroughly with the bag open.  Here is short video showing you how to clean your PlanetBox and Bag.

Get rid of Mould:
To get rid of the mould – Here are some suggestions that customers who have experienced this problem have shared with Planetbox: Put the bag inside out in direct sun for a day, then apply a lemon juice and salt solution to the fabric and keeping it in the sun until it dries.

To keep the mould from coming back – In general, in order to prevent mold from growing, wash bags fairly regularly, and dry with the bag open, on top of the drier or outside in the sun, weather permitting.  Also, remove an icepack as soon as it comes home from school so it doesn’t sit in here any longer than necessary. Also, don’t store wet bags in a closed space where it is easier for mould to grow.

Mould and staining are not covered under Planetbox warranty, as its not a manufacturer defect. Planetbox don’t treat their bags with anti-mould or anti-staining treatments, as they can be quite toxic.

Cleaning and resealing your planetbox dippers

The Planetbox dipper seals are designed to pop in and out for thorough cleaning to ensure no food or bacteria is stuck under the seals. The little or tall dipper seal can sometimes be difficult to remove but you can use a dull butter knife to bend the seal until it pops out.

To reseal you Planetbox dipper take your empty dipper lid, and put it upside down. Then place the dipper seal on top of the groove for the seal. Then take your empty dipper cup and place it upside down, on top of the lid, and squeeze. This should push the dipper seal into place on the lid. Flip the dipper right side up now, and remove the bottom cup. Now your seal should stay in place inside the lid. Here is a short video showing you how to use the dipper seals.

Unsticking your Planetbox dipper:
You might find that sometimes your Planetbox dipper has become stuck (this can happen if a vacuum is created). Don’t worry though as this can easily be solved. Start by warming up the top of the dipper by running it under some warm water and chill down the bottom by setting it on an ice pack. This should break the vacuum seal allowing you to remove the lid.

Using and fixing the PlanetBox latch

The Planetbox latch is designed to keep the PlanetBox lunchbox closed and to be easy for little hands to open and close it.

The indents on the top of the lunchbox are guides but the latch is NOT designed to fit inside these indents.  Both sides of the latch do not need to be touching the top of the box in order for the latch to work – one side can keep the box closed.

If you close the latch and the box stays closed when you move it around then it is working as it should.  If it is not staying closed well you may need to tighten the latch a little.  Here is a super short video showing how you can easily fix a loose latch:

If the box still does not stay closed then the latch may need to be replaced. It can help us if you send us a quick picture of the area so that we can see what is going on. Please email us at

Fixing dents and bends in your PlanetBox

Planetbox is made of a strong gauge stainless steel, and is very hard to dent. That said, if you drop it with enough force, at a specific angle, it’s possible that a corner can dent. Thankfully, a bend in stainless steel is rather easy to fix.

All you need is a regular old set of pliers, and a thin soft cloth (like a thin dishtowel). You use the dishtowel to keep the pliers from scratching the metal, but really a scratch wouldn’t actually hurt the metal, it would just be cosmetic. You wrap the cloth around the edge and use the pliers to grasp the bent edge and pull out to straighten it out. Here is a short video showing you how: