Little Lunch Box Co Bento Boxes FAQ

19th June 2017

The Bento Three and Bento Five seal is designed to stop the transfer of wet foods with the consistency of tub yoghurts (not squeeze packs) and dips, not liquids such as salad dressings, soups or sauces.

Follow these four easy steps to avoid transfer of foods…

We recommend you pack your Little Lunch Box into a cooler bag with a cold pack to keep the contents cool and avoid spoiling

Step 1

Use only foods with the recommended consistency.

Step 2

When packing foods such as tinned or cut fruit, particularly fruits such as watermelon and citrus, ensure you drain all excess liquid before placing into the lunch box. If you are worried about the transfer of certain foods place the food into the empty lunch box and stand on its side for 15 minutes to test.

Step 3

When placing food or wet foods into each compartment leave a 5mm gap between the food and the top of the compartment to ensure the lid is able to close properly allowing the seal to engage.

Step 4

Once you have finished packing your Little Lunch Box close the lid and latch, place your palm on the top of the lid and give it a firm push to ensure the seal has engaged.

To help you learn a little more about the Little Lunch Box Co range, below are answers to some of the questions we are regularly asked about our lunch boxes. If you can’t find the answer to your question or need more information, please contact us.

Can I pack wet foods in the Bento Three and Bento Five?

Yes wet foods can be safely packed next to dry foods in the Bento Three and Bento Five if you use food with the recommended consistency and follow the 4 easy steps in the packing instructions or listed below in ‘How do I pack wet foods’.

What age group are the Bento Three and Bento Five suitable for?

The Bento Three and Bento Five are suitable for all ages. Because they have no removable parts they are compact yet hold a deceptively large amount of food to help fuel growing bodies as well as being suitable for adults.

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