How does the Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump work?

10th October 2017

How does the Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump work? The pump works off suction.  All you need to do is suction the pump to your breast by squeezing once. That’s it!

Watch the demo here by Rocky and Ruby’s Mum:

Heres my video tutorial scuse the boob action and this is my first ever video on the inter web soon I’m a wee bit un natural haha. Ive also put a few clips together because it gives you a more accurate review of the pump, I’m showing you I struggled first time and then got it going in the next clips you can see what I was doing wrong and how I corrected it and each video shows different aspects of the pump and how to use it. My children didn’t cooperate obviously so ignore them lol. (also when doing it I wasn’t planning on uploading them all which is why I awkwardly say ciiiiiii at the start of each one and explains what I’m doing).

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How do I clean the Breast Pump? You can wash in warm soapy water or in the dishwasher. There is just one piece so no small bits that need to be put back together. To sterilize just pop in a pot of boiling water.

What is the Breast Pump made of? It is made of 100% medical grade silicone which means it’s BPA, PVC and Phthalate free and also super soft and comfortable when its cupped to your breast. Silicone doesn’t crack and break like plastic.

What is the size of the Breast Pump? It’s so compact, you can just pop it in your purse or your nappy bag.

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Is it suitable for travelling? The Haakaa Silicone Breast pump is perfect for travel as it doesn’t require batteries to operate. It is small, compact, very portable and we have lids available so you are able to seal your pump straight after pumping!

Here are some handy hints if you need some help …

1. Once the pump is suctioned on, leave it alone. Don’t fiddle with it! Do not keep repeatedly checking it, adjusting it.
2. Gently massage the top half of your breast.
3. Try applying a hot flannel to the top half of your breast – also a warm shower does wonders.
4. Gently hand express to stimulate let down.
5. Attach your pump and leave it to do its thing for 5-10 minutes.
6. Most important is relax and trust it.
7. You can attach your pump to your other breast while feeding to catch all your precious milk that would otherwise go to waste.
What is it actually like to use? Check out what our customers are saying …

From Natalie – A Small but Mighty Game Changer!

I’m suffering from oversupply, tandem nursing my 3 year old and newbie and I struggle to hand express (I gave away my Avent manual and Mandela electric pumps to friends when my first wouldn’t take the bottle!)Naturally I was so reluctant to shell out $$$ for a new pump that wouldn’t be used much, so when I saw the Haakaa pump, I figured for $25 it was worth trying out.

And worth it, it is! I’d pay more for it!

The flange (?) is a great size and is comfy on my mahoosive boobies. The pump is a great size to hold, and so easy to use. Seriously, no more trying to awkwardly manually pump with one hand, you literally just squeeze the ‘bottle’ a few times until you get a stream going.

I’ve been using the Haakaa on the nights my toddler sleeps through and I’ve pumped 4oz in less than 5 mins. Don’t be fooled thinking this won’t have a strong ‘suck’!

This pump will be perfect for those that don’t need to pump often, for on the go expressing, date nights, or like me, those that aren’t going to bottle feed, but wouldn’t mind a stash just in case.

The only thing I’d love is if it came with a wee travel pouch or case, just in case you’re pumping and dumping when out and about and don’t want a wet pump in your bag. But meh, that’s no biggie really

If you’re umming and ahhing about this pump – just buy it! It’ll definitely be included in the next baby shower gift I buy, a must for new mamas!


From Patricia at  AMummysLife NZ 

You all know that I’ve recently gone back to work and rather suddenly. One of the side effects of this is working out how to make sure Bella is still fed. Since I’d prefer her to stay on breast milk that means I need to express it for her. Since my old mendala manual pump got pulled apart at some stage by the middletons (Blake and Dani) I needed a new breast pump. By some miracle of luck I managed to purchase a HaaKaa Silicone Breast Pump through Cruisy Baby just before the entire of New Zealand stores had run out! Don’t worry, new stock is coming in very shortly. About this product
This cute little pump is made of 100% feed grade silicone, is BPA free, travel friendly, and very, very, easy to use! It’s all one piece so you just need to hold it up to the breast you want to pump from, secure so no air can get through and squeeze where the line is in a kind of pumping/rolling motion until the breast releases a let down flow. It doesn’t hurt the breast while you are doing this and the design makes it suitable to fit any breast size. It holds 100 ml at a time and best of all it is the most affordable priced pump I have seen on the market at between NZD25-29 depending on the retailer you purchase from!
My experience
I purchased this particular breast pump on the recommendation of another mummy blogger, Jordan from With The Whittakers, who is in Bella’s Due September 2015 group. Jordan recently did her own review of this pump.
It is easy to use although I found it easiest to use when I am at my most fullest so when I come home from work or when I wake up in the morning and only fed from one side the entire night. I also found this pump handy to collect the let down that occurs in the breast opposite to the one I was feeding from.
For me, this pump is perfect since I only need to pump enough milk to cover a 3-6 hour shift a day but I’m not sure this pump would hold up for someone who needs to pump enough milk for a full work day. Although it would be handy enough to take to work and express with during your breaks. You just need to make sure you have a suitable storage container to store the milk in afterwards.
 My tips to make expressing easier
  • Express during your fullest times of the day. This would generally be any time that you haven’t fed from that side in a reasonable length of time like a long nap or first thing in the morning.
  • Express after a nice warm/hot shower.
  • Express from one side while feeding in the other. The act of feeding baby activates the let down in the other breast and this particular pump makes catching that flow easy with only one hand.
  • Express while looking at your baby, either physically or at photos or video footage of baby. If you can bear it, baby’s hunger cry can help with releasing the letdown flow.
  • Massage the breast area, particularly around the areola. This can also help encourage the milk the milk to flow easier.
  • Drink plenty of water and milk. Expressing, like breastfeeding can be thirsty work and both fluids will help with the milk production.

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