How does the Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump work?

10th October 2017

How does the Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump work? The pump works off suction.  All you need to do is suction the pump to your breast by squeezing once. That’s it! Watch the demo here by Rocky and Ruby’s Mum: Heres …

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How to get your children ready for daylight savings … Aaaargh!

14th September 2017

Yay, its spring, the thermals are almost put to the top of the wardrobe – we can finally look forward to some warmer weather, the blossom trees are flowering …. bliss!     But wait it’s the time of year …

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5 Easy Ways of Helping a Child Who Has a Cold Recover Faster

5th September 2017

Sniffs, sneezes and fevers: all something parents and kids dread. If we could, we’d gladly suffer that cold or flu for them. Sadly, we can’t, so the next best thing is helping a child who has a cold recover quickly. …

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PlanetBox FAQ

13th August 2017

Cleaning your PlanetBox Lunchbox and Bag Be sure to remove the magnets before washing your PlanetBox. PlanetBox compartments wipe down easily with a sponge and mild soap and water, or, you can put your PlanetBox in the dishwasher. All Dippers …

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How do the new Haakaa Inverted Nipple Correctors work?

11th August 2017

The Haakaa Inverted Nipple Correctors are made from hypoallergenic silicone and are designed to gently pull your nipple outwards using suction. Simply place over your nipple before breast feeding and push the top of the cup down creating suction. The cup …

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Back to school with Yumbox – NZ’s Hottest Leakproof Bento Lunchbox for Kids

12th July 2017

Back to school lunches are now easier! The Yumbox leakproof reusable bento lunchbox eliminates the need for multiple containers and baggies. Simply pack a variety of healthy lunch options in Yumbox’s pre-portioned food tray, seal with a single lid and lunch …

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Little Lunch Box Co Bento Boxes FAQ

19th June 2017

The Bento Three and Bento Five seal is designed to stop the transfer of wet foods with the consistency of tub yoghurts (not squeeze packs) and dips, not liquids such as salad dressings, soups or sauces. Follow these four easy …

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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Buying Baby Clothes

31st May 2017

The Truth About Baby Clothing Sizing From A Baby Clothing Maker You’ve made your list, you’ve checked it twice. You struggled to figure out how that portacot fit together but finally got it to work! You’ve washed and sterilized all those …

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5 Daylight Savings Tips to Save Your Sanity This Autumn

28th March 2017

Daylight savings is coming to an end and parents are not looking forward to it. Putting the clocks back an hour causes most children to wake earlier than usual. This results in less sleep for everyone, and that in turn …

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Getting Your Baby to Sleep Better During Daytime Hours

10th February 2017

Getting your baby to sleep during the day can be a real challenge! That sun just keeps on shining, making it hard to develop those essential good sleeping patterns. What do you do when the sun shines through even closed …

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How does the Podee Baby Bottle work?

1st February 2017

1. What is the appropriate age to start using the Podee® Baby Bottle? The principal purpose in using the Podee® Baby Bottle is to help reduce colic, ear infections, and reflux. This is accomplished when the baby uses the bottle in …

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4 Tips For Helping You Pack a Healthy Lunchbox the Easy Way

1st February 2017

If your mornings are like mine, you’ll have breakfast to make, coffee to drink, kids to get ready for the day and yourself to get organised. There’s also the dreaded lunchbox to pack. A healthy lunchbox doesn’t have to be …

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What is the difference between the Panino and Original Yumbox?

12th January 2017

I have been using the Panino style (4 compartment) Yumbox for our 7 year old for a little while now. I was excited to try this size as we have been using the Original (6 compartment) Yumbox for about a …

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Cruisy Baby Competitions & Winners

1st December 2016

Please note you have 5 days to claim your prize. Winners from Facebook competitions are announced on the original Facebook post. When you have supplied your email address we will contact you by email. Enter our subscriber only competitions HERE …

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Introducing Lulla to your little one

14th October 2016

Here are some hints and tips to help you introduce Lulla to your little one: Wear your Lulla Doll when she arrives or have it in bed with you for a night or 2, this will smother it with your …

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