10 Awesome Woodworking Projects for Kids to Build

Working with kids to make things can be fun and rewarding especially for trained educators who have a passion for it.

Well, even if you are not a pro educator, you can help kids to use the power of their imagination to create.

Woodwork projects for kids can be cool but should be done with adult supervision especially when the project needs power tools or harmful substances. If you want to lay your hands on 16000+ projects, I’d recommend you check out Tedswoodworking. There’s a great review I’d like for you to read.

Kids learn very well by copying, so it would be a cool idea to provide image guides for the project or make them work along with you.

You may progressively increase the difficulty of each project to make it more challenging and see how the kids learn to solve problems.

Starting with these 10 inspiring woodworking projects can be great for your kids:

1) Mason Bees House

Mason bees are native pollinators and they are not like honey bees, so they will not be a nuisance.

This bee house project may not be very complex but it will surely serve as an opportunity to help kids to learn about nature conservation. Kids can watch the mason bees colonize their new home.

The scope of the project can extend to kids learning about how the bees pollinate.

A very good ‘how-to’ guide for this project can be looked up at ‘feltmagnet’.

2) Wooden Planter

From the plan for cutting the board components that make up your planter box, kids can learn from this wooden planter box project.

Guardians can take this as an opportunity to teach kids to make simple woodworks plus they learn about the way of gardening and planting.

3) Kids Camping Tent

With simple instruction here, you and your kids can make this small camp tent. Kids will be proud of making something that they can use for their entertainment and fun.

4) Folding Tripod Camp Chair

Woodwork sometimes involves adding other materials to the task like this folding tripod chair with leather seat.

With the ‘how to’ instruction, you can work at getting this project done with your kids.

You can easily carry this smooth leather top chair about to sit outside for any outdoor activity.

5) Bird Houses

Though it is challenging, a pretty good birdhouse can be made with detailed instructions from Acraftysoonful.com.

Birdhouse project will reveal plenty of techniques in woodwork even though the birdhouse need not be very big.

6) Lego Coat Rack

It can be really exciting for most kids to make their own wooden LEGO pieces.

The most challenging part of this woodwork is making the circular shape.

Again with instructions to help, you should be able to try this exciting project.

7) Balance Board

A piece of woodwork to help kids improve their motor skills can be fun to make.

A very useful guide for making this, plus necessary safety rules that must be followed can be found at Instructables.

8) Kids Workbench

This project is a very practical way to introduce kids to ‘workbench’ and its appliances.

If you are inspired by your kid’s creativity, you can reward them with step by step guide as you make a mini workbench.

9) A DIY Catapult

Your woodwork does not have to by big but this catapult is a great engineering feat for your kids to practice.

This shows that you can use woodwork in creative ways and the craft need not be too sophisticated.

If you want to try this, head over to this link to find instruction and plan.

10) A Homemade Candy Dispenser

You cannot imagine a better use of a candy dispenser than for it to give out heaps of candies.

After you lead your kids in making your candy dispenser, they will be happy with the work and the reward of the goodies.