4 Tips For Helping You Pack a Healthy Lunchbox the Easy Way

If your mornings are like mine, you’ll have breakfast to make, coffee to drink, kids to get ready for the day and yourself to get organized.

There’s also the dreaded lunchbox to pack.

A healthy lunchbox doesn’t have to be hard or fancy!

In fact, you can have a healthy lunchbox packed and out the door in no time.

My top tips for packing a healthy lunchbox the easy way:


If you have a set idea of what goes into the lunchbox each day, you can throw it together in a few minutes without too much effort which is essential in the mornings.


Have you ever gone to pack a lunchbox in the morning and found the fridge empty?

In the weekend, double-check you’ve got enough food for the week. The next time you make mini muffins, pancakes, bliss balls, and loaf, etc. make a double batch and freeze them.

They’re handy to have on hand when the fridge runs bare and they’ll be ready to eat by lunchtime. Keep canned items in your pantry for when you run out of fresh food at the end of the week

I put together a lunchbox pantry list so I am able to easily pack lunches in the morning. If you to keep these freezer and pantry items on hand, you’ll be able to easily throw together a nutritious lunch that your child will love.

Packing a bento-style lunchbox with little compartments like the Yumbox above can make packing lunches easier and more enjoyable.

The variety of smaller portions make it look like a fun snack so your little one is more likely to eat it and try new foods too. Yogurt and crackers? No worries, Yumbox are leak-proof! Sturdy, BPA free, one lid makes it easy for little fingers to open and the removable tray is dishwasher safe.

Yumbox has an amazing seal so you can pack lunches the night before. Everything stays fresh and crunchy in the fridge overnight.

Don’t forget an insulated lunch bag and you can freeze a smoothie in a reusable food pouch that works well as an ice pack.

Then label everything to make sure it all comes home.


Make it simple with enough variation so it doesn’t get boring. As long as the food is fresh and appealing, simple is just fine.

We hope your lunch-making mornings or (evenings) will be smooth and stress-free!